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P.O. Box 60935

Fort Myers, Florida 33906

Phone: 407-414-2866



RAIN- Rescue Animals in Need was formed in 2010 by a group of dedicated volunteers who wished to reduce the number of homeless and endangered pets through public education and proper vet care of all of their animals including mandatory spay/neuter of all RAIN pets.

Since October 2010, RAIN has placed over 250 animals into loving permanent homes.

RAIN is a small organization run solely by volunteers and so is limited in the number of animals they can take in. RAIN works to educate people on the proper care of animals to prevent additional homeless pets from being brought into the world. RAIN works actively with local veterinarians, rescue groups, and shelters to assist in the placement of pets in need. Focusing on dogs, cats, and rabbits; RAIN hopes to make a difference in the homeless pet population.407-414-2866

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