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P.O. Box 54

Concord, North Carolina 28026

Phone: 419-512-2423



The Alaskan Malamute Assistance League is dedicated to the health and well being of all Alaskan Malamutes. Our main objectives are to rehabilitate and re-home rescued Alaskan Malamutes, assist Malamute owners, and provide education services to the public. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every Alaskan Malamute has the chance to live a life that they deserve.
As a national rescue network, AMAL provides co-ordination support for local and national rescue efforts, emergency funding for rescued Malamutes, and acts as a clearinghouse for adoption inquiries or assistance requests. AMAL provides information and documentation for individuals and groups wishing to establish a breed rescue. We work closely with other rescue organizations on local and national rescue issues, monitor dog related legislation, act as a bulletin board for Malamute related issues, and maintain statistical information on rescue efforts and rescued dogs.419-512-2423

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