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P.O. Box 1495

Solvang, California 93464

Phone: 800-532-2890



The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity operating nationwide in the US and Canada and dedicated to promoting the welfare of the Kerry Blue Terrier breed in the areas of owner education, rescue, and health & genetics. We are solely funded through donations.

The Foundation will come to the aid of any Kerry or Kerry owner in need, including, but not limited to, Kerries found in animal shelters or pounds, those relinquished by their owners, those left homeless by deceased or incapacitated owners, those found by others as strays, or any Kerry in an emergency situation in need of assistance.

Learn more about the Kerry Blue Terrier and see all of our Kerries looking for homes by visiting our web site, , a repository of breed information that represents the largest collection of materials ever assembled on the Kerry Blue Terrier. It currently contains nearly 500 articles on the breed, and close to 1,000 pictures and graphics. Or better yet, join our free Kerry owner e-mail list, where you can share and learn more about owning Kerries from the people who live with them. This is mainly a group of owners (not breeders) and it has key word searchable archives, with years of tips on training, health, grooming and anything Kerry.800-532-2890

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