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P.O. Box 971

Littlerock, California 93543

Phone: 818-594-4177

URL: http://www.btrescue.us


Terrier Rescue of Southern California Inc. can state its Mission Statement quite simply. “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Buddy,” also “Everything deserves a chance at life.” sums it up. We are here to help any homeless or unwanted Bull Terrier, whatever the reason.
BTRSC was incorporated in 2002 as a 501(c) 3 non profit corporation. We are an all volunteer operation. No one gets paid, the only re-imbursements are for direct expenses. We maintain a kennel facility in the high desert region of Los Angeles county. Rescue in its current form owes its beginnings to two bull terriers. Roni”s Action Lizabull (Liza) and Action’s In Living Color (Murphy), those two allowed us to bring unwanted dogs into our home, these two welcomed them. Their temperaments, and self-assurance made what has evolved to the current rescue possible. Sadly both have passed away, and rescue continues as their legacy
This rescue makes every effort to obtain these less fortunate of the breed, and find suitable homes for those who are likely candidates for placement. The volunteers who work in Bull Terrier Rescue have a lot of experience in the breed and in placing rescued dogs. Their job is to match dogs and families where a successful relationship seems the most promising, and they are happy to help you decide if Rescue is a good option for your household.818-594-4177

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