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2946 Young Road

Fillmore, California 93015

Phone: 805-524-5102



Doberman Pinscher & Little Paws Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity. We are located in rural Fillmore, California on a small ranch dedicated to animal rescue and to finding new homes for all of our charges. At any time, approximately 50 Doberman Pinschers are waiting for homes as well as about 20 other mixed-breed dogs.

We’re a no-kill sanctuary. That means that we do NOT euthanize any dogs that don’t get adopted. We do not usually have puppies, as we are not breeders. Saving a dog from our sanctuary is similar to rescuing one from an animal shelter, with three main advantages:
1. The dog’s temperament is generally better known
2. The dog is believed to be free of serious disease such as distemper and parvovirus
3. The dog has a safe place to return to in the event the adoption does not work out as anticipated
We ALWAYS take our dogs back for any reason whatsoever.805-524-5102

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